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Frequently Asked Questions:
( We have been in business for over 28 years and find that these are a few of or most popular questions asked by prospective guests.)
Where do I check-in?
  • Check in at the Cottage located at 1661 on Mill Road in Saint Johnsville. The building is located on the right side of Mill Road  just up the hill from the large stone Grist Mill  slightly less than 1/2 a mile North of Route 5 (NOT 5S). Please call us at (518)568.2388 when you arrive and we will meet you there. Note: We recommend that you back into the driveway as it is safer to observe activity on the road when you exit later.
What time is check-in and check-out?
  • Check-in is any time from 3PM on, if you will be much later, we would appreciate a phone call. Check-out is any time before 11AM. A timely check-out is important to us as well as the next incoming guest. In rare cases we might be able to extend your check-out time a short while, if we do not have a 3PM check-in that day. We also need to consider our housekeeper and her scheduled time and routine.
Do we receive a served breakfast?
  • We do not have a served breakfast but provide you with a fully stocked kitchen where you can prepare your own breakfast at your leisure. We do this by listening to our guests requests. A serve yourself breakfast allows for no time restraints and complete privacy. Much like having the comfort of your own home away from home. This way the kitchen is yours to enjoy 24/7.
Do I need to bring any food?
  • We provide all the breakfast food most guests need or want. As we do not wish to offend any diet or religious restrictions we do not include breakfast meats. You are welcome to bring in your own.
What kinds of food is in the kitchen?
  • We provide - eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, half & half, butter, cream cheese, orange juice, V8, tomato juice, cranberry juice, fresh fruits, English muffins, bagels, cinnamon bread, sodas (Coke & Diet Coke), seltzer, coffee, teas, hot chocolate, cereals, crackers, peanut butter, jellies, pretzels, corn chips, salsa plus basic condiments.
  • WE also include - Our famous home-made breads, our signature Mill-Wheel cookies, Ice Cream and toppings.   
What foods are NOT provided?
  • We do not provide Lunch, Dinner items or any alcoholic beverages. You of course can bring your own beverages and food or we can direct you to near-by stores or restaurants for dining out.
Is there a barbecue and or a Fire Pit?
  • We will provide a propane BBQ as well as a Gazebo Covered propane Fire Pit included in our Sanctuary Side yard.
Is there a Liquor Store close by?
  • The closest Liquor Store is 9 miles East of us on Route 5 in the Price Chopper Plaza. You will be passing it if you are coming from the East along Route 5. Another two are located to our West in Little Falls on 18 North Ann Street or 56 West Main Street.( If you arrive from the West)
Is there an Iron and Ironing board available?
  • Yes they are located in the bathroom cabinet.
Can you see the waterfalls at night?
  • Yes they are illuminated at night.
Do you have a fireplace?
  • Yes we have two. One is located in the creek side room overlooking the waterfalls. It is propane gas and does not require any maintenance on the part of the guest. The other is located in the Forest bedroom and is electric and remote controlled.
If we go to the Castle for dinner how far away is it?
  • The Castle is less than three miles West of us on route 5.
How far away is the Glimmerglass Opera or the Cooperstown Hall of Fame?
  • We have a shortcut map available that can be used for both places. It take about 35 minutes to the Opera and 5 more minutes to get to the Village of Cooperstown. The ride is straight forward and a very scenic and enjoyable ride.
Are there some good places to eat nearby as well as in Cooperstown?
  • We have many fine restaurants nearby featuring American, French, Italian and Chinese. The food ranges from casual dining to fine gourmet dining.
Do I need to bring anything with me if I will be using the Hot Tub?
  • We provide towels and robes. We recommend you bring a bathing suit.
How far away is.......?
  • Howe's Cave, The Turning Stone Casino and Saratoga are all about one hour away.
Do we have any DVD's or CD's and a way to play them?
  • We have a DVD/VHS player and a very large collection of Movies for your enjoyment.
  • We also have a CD player and a few music selections. We suggest you bring your favorite music with you,
Do we have a TV ?
  • We have Spectrum Cable & a 55 inch TV.
Do we have Wireless Internet Access?
  • Yes we have Wi-Fi as well as a direct wired connection for your computer.
Can you bring your pet?
  • NO as we have many guests that are allergic to pets therefore we maintain our no pet policy even though we are animal lovers.
Can I smoke in or around the premises?
  • By State Law Prohibited. We have a no smoking policy INDOORS, however you may smoke outdoors or on the deck or porches. We provide an ash receptacle for your use outside.
Do you accommodate children?
  •  Due to Insurance Regulations that regard our cliffs, gorge and waterfalls a danger to young children we do not allow young children on the premises.
 How many guests can be accommodated?
  • Two to four Guests. Most of the time we accommodate a single couple that desires a complete private getaway retreat. We however can accommodate an additional two guests in the additional queen size bedroom. As we have a single bathroom, it is shared by all the guests in your party. Your rate is determined by the total number of guests ( Two to Four).
What is included in the bathroom?
  • We feature a tub/shower, sink,  comfort height commode, make-up mirrors, supply of towels and wash cloths, shampoos, conditioners, bath soap, tooth paste & brushes, mouth wash, hand cream, first aid kit, blow-dryer, scale and a washer/dryer.
If we did not answer most your questions, please give us a call and we will answer them, AND then add them to this list.

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